Fake Rings are a Fantastic Gay Wedding Gift Idea

If you and your partner are planning an exotic honeymoon or have an active lifestyle, consider these fake wedding ring gift ideas.

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Fake Rings as a Gay Wedding Gift Idea

There are many reasons for picking up fake wedding rings and fake engagement rings – single women do this sometimes when they want to project the illusion that they are “taken”, others to evoke jealousy amongst peers.  This isn’t what we’re going for here.  The idea behind picking up a set of fake wedding rings as you tie the knot with your betrothed is so that you can keep the real ones safe when you go out to “play” and still have something that looks nice to wear on your ring finger – something that won’t break the bank should it be lost, stolen or destroyed.fake wedding rings

Let’s face it, a lot of us spend a pretty penny on these rings – the real ones.  Also, they instantly turn into something with sentimental value that would be a serious shot to the heart to lose.  Hence, with a little pre-planning this doesn’t have to ever be an issue.

I was pretty surprised at just how nice some of these rings are at a price tag of around $50 each.  As a couple that spends a lot of time at the beach, kayaking and that’s planning a lengthy honeymoon to French Polynesia, around $100  for another set of nice rings seems a small price to pay for the peace of mind that will come with knowing that our more expensive jewelry is safe and protected at home.

If you decide to purchase both a fake engagement ring and a fake wedding ring, the price will go up a bit – but not by much.  One recommendation is to not get carried away with the size of your “diamond” (read cz) and to stay classy and credible.  A big, blingy looking engagement ring gay wedding gift(even a fake one) sitting on your finger in a foreign country is going to attract attention and probably not the kind that you want.

So, where do pick up one of these replica beauties?  Actually, there are a ton of places to grab really nice fake wedding rings now.  One of my favorites is – who also sells on Amazon. also has some nice rings as does  Most of these sites will sell sets – engagement ring and wedding rings together for a very reasonable price as well.   Be sure to check the quality of the cubic zirconia (grade 3 or higher is good) and whether you pick something that matches your real rings or not is entirely up to you.  However, if you do just be sure not to get the two mixed up.  Regardless, give some serious thought to a set of fake wedding rings as you plan your gay wedding or even throw it out as a gay wedding gift idea when asked.

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