Gay Wedding Hilarity – Why You Should Have a Photobooth at Your Wedding

If you are planning a big gay wedding and are looking for fun, consider having a photobooth and props for your guests for these reasons.

gay wedding photobooth props

A Photobooth for Your Gay Wedding

If I’m being totally honest here, I don’t want a photobooth at my wedding.  They’re expensive and we’re having a super small ceremony and reception.  It doesn’t fit with what we’re doing.  However, if we decided to scrap the honeymoon and pour all of our funds into a big elaborate party, I’d probably put this on the list for the reasons that I’m going to tell you that YOU should have a Photobooth at YOUR wedding.  I’ve actually even read that these are beginning to lose their “trendiness” but I’m not so sure about that either.  You only have one wedding, right?  Please say “Yes”.  So, I wouldn’t base my decisions on the trends either.  Let’s get down to it – Reasons to make your gay wedding even gayer with a photobooth:

  • Photobooths are another source of entertainment at the reception.  Some people get bored with DJs, bands, dancing or just trying to socialize with people they barely know or have to pretend to like.  Photobooths are a great source of entertainment and great icebreakers for meeting and connecting with new people.

gay wedding photobooth

  • Having a photobooth on hand also gives your guests another piece of the wedding experience that they can take home with them and hold onto forever.  These are the ultimate party favors as who doesn’t like goofy pictures of themselves with their best friends and close family?
  • Every photobooth experience is different.  Yes, many – or most – weddings have them these days.  However, YOUR photobooth is just that – yours.  The vibe at your wedding will be completely different, especially being a gay wedding, and you can customize the theme of the photobooth and it’s props to be anything your heart desires.  Go wild!

gay wedding photobooth

  • Your photobooth can also double as your guestbook, allowing guests to keep one of the photostrips, while the other goes to your photo album with a personal message written to the two of you.  You can have the official photographer skip those staged and awkward table shot and stick with the fly by the seat of your pants photobooth shots as they stay entertained in the process.

Be sure to direct people to the photobooth by having it in a conspicuous location and letting everyone know about it – have the DJ or band announce it several times.  Don’t forget to make your own visit to the photobooth to get some great shots with family and friends and some crazy props.

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