Ideas and Tips for Planning Your Winter Same Sex Wedding

If you are planning a winter gay wedding, you may think that your options are limited due to the season. Nothing could be further from the truth!

winter same sex wedding

Ideas and Tips for Planning a Winter Gay Wedding

While Summer Weddings are all the rage – ours will be in June – there is something to be said for the beauty and tranquility of winter. As Fall firmly sets in, some folks may not want to wait until Summer to say their “I Do’s” or there may be other scheduling issues that prevent summer nuptials. In fact, having a winter wedding can be advantageous in many ways. No one wants to stand around shivering in their wedding gown or tuxedo but with the proper planning, this doesn’t have to be an issue. There are many great ideas that can make your winter same sex wedding a successful one for you as well as your friends and family.

Planning a Same Sex Winter Wedding

Just consider for a moment all of the fun theme ideas that you can incorporate into a winterwinter same sex wedding wedding, with dramatic effects and even improvisations in wedding attire. Oh my goodness, I’m re-thinking the June wedding already. Of course, there is the Christmas tie-in with elves and the whole works, New Years and Father Time and just all of the snowflake and ice possibilities. Also, obtaining a venue during the winter is generally much easier and more affordable as this is considered “off season” for most places.

Your choice of venue for your winter wedding is always going to depend upon the size of your guest list and the size of your budget. Of course, the availability of heat is a must. Check out clubs, inns and historic mansions in the area that you are interested in. If you can find reviews of these places from guests that frequented them during the winter, that would be most helpful as you don’t want to run into issues with places that are “drafty” or not maintained well in the cold season. This is also important for access in the event of unexpected increase in snowfall. You want to be able to reach the place and have it safe for your guests to leave.

Winter weddings provide unique opportunities to take advantage of service such as arriving via winter gay weddingsleigh or even dog sled. I’d probably go with the sleigh, though. Also, consider the decorating ideas that you can add to whatever venue you choose. You can add winter accents such as holly leaves, ivy, pine cones and even Christmas ornaments. Artificial snowflakes are popular as well, hung from the ceiling all over the room.

Tables can be decorated with shimmering white table cloths with silver accents. Such things as silver candlesticks and bright red cranberries are easy decorations and make the tables look beautiful in the winter season at a wedding. Also consider an ice sculpture and even little gingerbread houses as wedding favors for the guests!

Winter Wedding Attire

Your wedding for a winter wedding doesn’t have to make you look like the abominable snowman. In fact, you can look incredibly hot! Relying on shiny satin and lace keeps with the winter theme. While off the shoulder and strappy gowns may not be practical, they are still possible if coupled with a stylish white faux fur or velvet wrap. Even consider a hooded cape -think little red riding hood – that would look amazing when combined with a white wedding dress or outfit. Add some exotic icy diamond jewelry to the look to finish things off. Winter formal dresses and suits can be combined with a pair of sexy white satin boots to match your outfit. Also consider other winter colors for wedding attire that are sure to be amazing, such as icy blues, shimmering silver and steel gray that can throw you into that “ice maiden” look. Winter wedding attire actually offers many options to experiment and carry off different looks that you may not have in the other seasons.

Rounding out your Winter Wedding

winter wedding cake
At your reception, you can continue with the winter theme and incorporate it into the way that the food is presented. A multi-tiered white cake with snowflakes would be perfect. Consider things like ice sculptures, snow globes and even sugar sculptures for your tables. Want to go all out? How about a white chocolate fountain to add to the dessert table? The opportunities to innovate and present your winter theme wedding in your own unique way are endless. Don’t let a chilly season be a limitation. Just the opposite – let your imagination run wild with the possibilities and make your gay winter wedding something truly unique!

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