Ten Tips for Planning Your Hawaii Gay Wedding

Planning a Hawaii gay wedding, especially if you do not live in the area will take a little bit of patience and time. However, with the following tips it can certainly be done and done well.

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Tips for Planning Your Hawaii Gay Wedding

Congratulations Hawaii on becoming the latest State to recognize same sex marriage. As of 12/2/2013, prepare yourselves for an onslaught of fabulous destination weddings and picturesque elopements. Planning a Hawaii gay wedding, especially if you don’t live in the area, will take a bit of patience and time. However, with the following tips it can certainly be done and done fabulously!hawaii same sex weddings

Hawaii Wedding Tip #1 — Mail

Prepared a detailed list, before you pack anything, that outlines anything and everything you may need or want for your wedding and your vacation. While you can purchase a lot in Hawaii and there is overnight mail, these are both hassles so try to go prepared. Don’t forget the wedding attire, rings, and other essentials that you would be heartbroken to have left behind. Having everything with you (triple-checked) will lower the stress level and your wedding will go much smoother.

Hawaii Wedding Tip #2 – Pre-Trip Fitting

Before you jump on that plane, be sure to stop at the bridal shop or tailor one last time for a final fitting. Having alterations done on the islands is possible but “island time” doesn’t guarantee that they’ll be done by your deadline.

Hawaii Wedding Tip #3 – Accessories

Consider bringing a spare of most things – socks, garters (I don’t know), jewelry, stockings (if anyone is wearing these). The point is that things rip and get lost while traveling and you don’t want to have to scramble to replace them, on an island, at the last minute.hawaii gay wedding

Hawaii Wedding Tip #4 The Details

With today’s digital age, this isn’t as much of an issue as it used to be. However, get as many details about your location as you can as you scout venues for your ceremony and/or reception. In fact, many island locations still have not fully joined the digital age and don’t have detailed websites that show photos from every angle. This requires that you ask even more questions about capacity, color schemes, etc. as you speak with different places.

Hawaii Wedding Tip #5 Tuxedos

Ideally, the groom(s) and his attendants will want to rent their tuxedos at home and bring them with them. This guarantees that the fit and styles will be correct and that the tuxedos are ready for the wedding in Hawaii on arrival.

Hawaii Wedding Tip #6 Jet Lag

Consider that you may suffer from a bit of fatigue the first 24 hours on the island and don’t book any big events (such as the wedding) for that time. If you’re going to Hawaii to get married, you’ll want to enjoy it’s beauty and all that it has to offer and that’s difficult to do if you’re cranky and exhausted from travel. Leave a day or so after travel to adjust and relax before gearing up for the big day.

Hawaii Wedding Tip #7 Relax!

The Hawaiian islands are gorgeous and these folks know how to do weddings! Relax and take hawaii gay weddingsthe time to enjoy your surroundings and, most importantly, each other.

Hawaii Wedding Tip #8 Talk to the Minister

Whether you’ve spoken with your minister or officiant on the phone, via email, or skype, take the time to meet with them face to face before the wedding. You’ll want to be sure that the officiant’s plans for the ceremony are appropriate for you as a couple and, should you have written your own vows, you’ll need to convey those to the officiant as well.

Hawaii Wedding Tip #9 Date

Keep in mind that, before mail your invitations, you will need to have solid commitments with all of your wedding service professionals and venues. This means that you have the date locked, the location reserved, the officiant booked, hotels booked, etc – before you send out invitations expecting family members and loved ones to commit to a destination wedding.

Hawaii Wedding Tip #10 Packing

Remember that list that we made in #1? Don’t be afraid to go back to it and revise it over and over again. This way you will be intimitely familiar with what you need to take on your trip and you will remember things that you may have forgotten the last time you looked at the list. Be sure to check things off the list as you pack to eliminate confusion.

These are several Hawaii gay wedding planning tips that should get you started planning that wedding of your dreams. Don’t forget to check out our gay wedding directory where we have hundreds of gay-friendly wedding vendors in Hawaii that can’t wait to help you make those dreams a reality in one of the world’s most beautiful locations.

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